Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This picture was taken in the marketplace of a small pilgrimage destination called Vailankanni, in South India.

The marketplace in question, was small and crowded and dirty; with the sellers, with wares ranging from flowers to religious offerings to gaudy dresses for two year olds; all literally throwing themselves at you to buy.
Almost every shop, makeshift stall and handcart, had either a symbol or a name, in some resemblance to the Christian deity.

Then there was this man, a 'papad' seller, who would come daily with his handcart, at around six in the evening, the best time to sell; the buyers having come out in full force after the hot sun had set.
He wore his 'tilak' and string of beads, and the only accessory to his cart, was a bright oil lantern.
He stood, always, at a fixed point, a good distance away from the epicenter of activity.

From my three days of observation, he sold more papads than the other papad-sellers in the marketplace.

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