Friday, December 4, 2009

The marketplace of Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu.

The small oasis in the midst of the melee of the marketplace.
The dark man with the golden wristwatch selling vessels of silver.
In the glimmer, the shine and the lightbulbs, sit a host of beggars.
Old, tired beggars.
Waiting for some small silver coins.

Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu.

The 'official' flower seller.
The only one with a roof above his head, authorised by the church.
Was the costliest too.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is the place from where my mom got a wax offering of a boy and girl for me (Why? Guess.)

The wax shop, which sells candles of every conceivable size and colour.
And wax models of boys, girls, babies, body parts, organs . . . .
Then there are coconut shells and cradles made of handkerchiefs.
And little tin models of things, sold cheaper than their wax counterparts.

I think the whole exercise of buying so many candles and offerings is a waste.
The wares are expensive, and hungry beggars crowd the marketplace.
And really, it is the faith and devotion that matters more, right?


The main Basilica (a kind of huge church) of Our Lady Of Health, Vailankanni.

A tired beggar rests outside the church premises.
Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu

He walks upto them, paces up and down before them, obscuring from their view, the sea, the bathers and the blue horizon. .

Seen here, is one of the women loosening her purse strings, in exchange for some peace of mind!

All within the line . .

The flower sellers are most in number in the marketplace of Vailankanni town, selling garlands to be offered to the deity.
Hence, jostling with each other to get the customers attention had become a norm.
However, authorities have restricted them with a yellow line, beyond which, they aren't allowed to cross . .

Pulling out of Pattabiram station
Tamil Nadu


A kids clothes store
Vailankanni - Tamil Nadu