Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Another one in the Vailankanni marketplace.
Somewhere in the middle of the vertical expanse of shops leading upto the beach, is this oasis of silver.
Three or four shops, all in horizontal line, selling shiny bartans.
Plates, pressure cookers, saucepans and utensils big and small.
And like every other shop there, there are bulbs hanging from the makeshift cloth ceilings, to illuminate the goods to a dazzling shine.

This spot is also a gathering ground for beggars.
The older ones who cannot walk around much, and some of the younger beggars who are tired come there to sit for a bit, and maybe play a game of cards and gossip.

The woman in the picture was dirtier and darker, by far, than all the rest.
And she sat away from the card playing crowd, just surveying the place . .

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