Saturday, November 28, 2009

She had something more to her advantage than her pretty sun-tanned face, her golden bangles, humble yet beautiful attire and her adorable bundle of joy placed atop her swaying hip.

It was, I guess, her disposition.

She never did beg, and by that I mean, she never really did ‘ask’ for alms.

In a marketplace full of sellers and umpteen beggars, her strategy was not one to be missed.

She place herself behind a seller or another beggar, and fix you with a smile and sultry stare, all the while bouncing her baby up and down, making both their bangles jingle softly, as if to capture your attention and beguile you completely.

You just couldn’t miss her; and the clang of coins in her jhola got louder with her every stopover. .

Oh and that's hardly all!

Sometimes, her baby would get all hot and bothered during the afternoons, refusing to play it's role of her cute accessory in a sari sling.

She'd then swing it around, to face away from her, and charm the people herself, while baby bawled away . .

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